Katy Garrod

I am artist based in The Chilterns in South Oxfordshire UK.  My inspiration is my love of the natural world and the life that lives there.  I am a keen walker, mountain biker and rock climber.  These activities have taken me to wild and beautiful places all over the UK and abroad and I try to capture in my art the sense of freedom and joy I feel in these surroundings.

I paint contemporary abstracted landscapes in which animal and plant forms can often be found.  Sometimes I stray into complete abstraction when trying to capture a particular feeling or emotion about a place.  

I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas or wooden board and occasionally on paper. My works are usually multi-layered and my process involves covering and uncovering lower layers to reveal glimpses of colours, forms and textures. I use charcoal, graphite and collage and occasionally oil paints and crayons.

I originally trained as a scientist and my artistic study has included working with Caroline Hulse FRA, Ashley Hanson, Lewis Noble and Alice Sheridan and I completed the Creative Visionary Programme with Nicholas Wilton in 2019.

Longlisted for National Open Art Competition 2017


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