Better together 3

Better together 3


The ‘Better together’ series are small works on paper celebrating the way starlings flock together as the sun is setting to form mesmerising murmurations against stunning autumn skies.


The birds are highlighted against a dark background with a vibrant under painting in pinks, oranges and yellows peeking through.


It would make lovely gifts for bird and nature lovers.


It is about 18cm by 10 cm (7 x 4 ") and supplied with an ivory mount 30 x 21 cm  (11.8 x 8.3")  ready to put in a frame of your choice. 


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    Acrylic and watercolour stick on paper, finished with a UV protective varnish.

    The picture is approximately 18 x 10 cm and the ivory mount 30 x 21 cm.